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"HARLANDALE:A family working together to provide a high quality education where allstudents graduate to become productive and successful citizens for the21st Century."


  About The School  

History of Wright Elementary

Nestled deep in the heart of the most historical area in Harlandale is an institution of education known as Wright elementary School.  For 75 years it has been passing the light of knowledge to children.  Steeped in culture and tradition, Wright has a special air about it, one born of a long history.  Generations have passed through its doors, with numerous grandparents and parents of today's students having been former Wright students.  Although small, or perhaps because it is small, serving only about 400 students, Wright has enjoyed a long history of educational success.  Numerous Valedictorians of Harlandale High School have been Wright Graduates.  In 1992, Wright received national recognition as a National Exemplary Drug-Free School. 

Here is brief history of some of the changes Wright has undergone.  In 1922, a six-room school was built on East Huff Avenue and named Huff Avenue Ward School.  Mrs. R.C. Henson was the teaching principal.  Huff Avenue rapidly became overcrowded.  In 1929 a second wing of eight rooms was added.  In 1933 Mr. Van K Jones became principal followed in 1935 by Mr. Dillard McCollum who became HISD superintendent in 1939.  A succession of principals followed Mr. McCollum until in 1948 Mr. Sidney A. Wright became principal.  In 1960, a cafetorium and four additional classrooms were added.  Up until then, students had to go home to eat lunch every day!  Mr. Wright passed away and the school was renamed in his honor.  Mr. Frank Thompson was the next principal.  He was succeeded in 1969 by Mr. Emmett Krachala.  Mr. Krachala retired in 1993 ending the longest tenure of any principal at Wright so far--24 years.  He was followed by Dr. Susan Paloczy, who was then followed by Mrs. Kathleen Stark. Ms. Martha Gonzalez is the current principal as of 2015. Here are Wright we're known to take care of business!

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