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Wright Mediation Team

WELCOME tothe Mediation Team's home page!  The purpose of this site is to provide information.  If you can't find what you are seeking, please don't hesitate to contact me.

What is mediation and how does it work? Mediation is a system of helping people to solve disputes. The Wright Mediation Team undergoes training from a qualified instructor from the Bexar County Dispute Resolution Center. They learn to practice methods of peaceful intervention,impartiality, and confidentiality. They help to maintain discipline on campus by providing the option of peer mediation to students who may have become involved in a minor dispute at school and who desire to settle the dispute outside of the principal's office. This frees up our principal for more important tasks, rather than having her office as the only option for handling student disputes. When a dispute arises,school staff may recommend peer mediation to those involved, and mediation may then take place. Most disputes involve two disputants and two mediators, but some situations involve more. The kinds of disputes heard range from pushing in line to bullying or gossiping. If the dispute is of a more serious nature, it will not be handled by mediation. Our mediators learn appropriate ways to handle conflict. They may go on to become a part of the mediation team in middle or high school. They may even become interested in a law career.


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