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Wright Robotics Team

WELCOME to the Robotics Team home page.  I hope you will find what you are seeking.  If not, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Updated 1/29/14

ROBOTICS DAY is currently Tuesday, from 3:00-5:00.  Please note, I will be bringing students out to be picked up slightly before 5:00.  My aim is to be heading for my car to go home AT 5:00.  Please be sensitive to the fact that NO ONE (with the exception of After School Challenge) is getting paid to stay at the school with your child after 5:00, including office personnel. 

I want to thank Mrs. Minerva Gonzalez, science teacher, for joining me in coaching the team.  HOORAY, Mrs. Gonzalez!! 

We will soon begin preparing to compete in the Harlandale District robotics competition.  It will be held at the Boggess Center, May 28.  Once the specifications for the competition have been received, we will need items to be produced for the courses.  If you have carpentry tools and skills, parents, we will be needing things made.  I will provide the materials.

We have a very large group starting right now.  Thank you all for the interest and support that you have shown for this activity.  Technology and science are our country's future.  The United States has led the way in these areas in the past, and must continue to do so in the future or our economy will suffer.  By encouraging your child to be interested in these subjects, you are helping to prepare them to step forward with confidence and excitement into their future.  THANK YOU, Robotics parent!

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