School Hours

Student Breakfast-Please drop students off at drop off location.  Parents are NOT able to eat breakfast with the students.  We also ask that parents leave the halls immediately after dropping students off.  Thank you.

PK-7:50 a.m. in their assigned classroom

K-5--7:50 a.m. in their assigned classroom

Teachers Pick up Students   7:40 a.m.
School Begins                      7:45
Tardy Bell/Announcements   7:45 a.m.
School Ends                           3:15

(All staff, students, and visitors will be asked to be still and remain quiet during announcements.  Thank you for your cooperation.)   **After school detention will be assigned after 3 tardies.

Arrival To School

DO NOT SEND OR DROP OFF YOUR CHILD BEFORE 7:30 AM. There are no personnel on duty before 7:30 a.m.  If a problem arises or an accident occurs there are not any personnel available to handle the situation.  If a child continuously arrives before 7:30 a.m. the principal will contact the child's parents.

Kinder - 2nd Grade students will report to the gym and sit at assigned areas.
3rd - 5th Grade students report to the cafeteria and sit at assigned tables.
Parents are asked to drop their children off at the designated area and leave campus as quickly as possible in order to help us with crowd control.


Student safety is a number one priority at Wright Elementary.  A congested hallway is not only a fire hazard, but a control issue for the safety of our students. We are asking that all parents help us with this by waiting outside the school building or in the front foyer, you will be asked to sign-in at the front office. At the dismissal bell, Kinder-2nd grade students along with their older siblings will be in the gym for parents to pick up. Parents are to pick up their child and leave the gym to prevent congestion. Dismissal is NOT the time for parents to talk to teachers about their child's progress in the classroom. Designated days for parent conferences have been set up, as well as during teacher conferences. TO ENSURE A SMOOTH FLOW OF TRAFFIC EXITING THE BUILDING, PLEASE WAIT FOR  YOUR CHILD TO COME TO YOU.

PRE-KINDER parents will pick-up children from classrooms. Please have a pick-up locations established on the first day to avoid any confusion.

Bus students will be dropped off and picked up in the back of the building by the playground.

It is the responsibility of the parent to make sure their children are picked up on time. A student left on campus after 3:15 p.m. will be escorted to the main hallway area at the front entrance. AFTER 4:00 P.M., THE POLICE MAY BE CALLED TO REMOVE THE CHILD FROM CAMPUS AND THE CHILD WILL BE PLACED IN A CHILDREN'S SHELTER. Parents who are frequently late will receive a principals warning letter. This policy is in place because the office closes at 4:00 p.m. and there is no supervision.

Daily attendance is very important.  If your child will be absent for any reason, please call the school before 8:10 a.m.  If we do not hear from you, we may call or send the school personnel to check on your child.  This is a safety measure to ensure your child's safe arrival to school.   Students who have been absent must bring a written excuse signed by the parent.   STUDENTS WHO ARE ABSENT BECAUSE OF ILLNESS, DOCTOR/DENTIST APPOINTMENTS AND WHO RETURN TO SCHOOL ON THE SAME DAY WITH A DOCTOR'S EXCUSE WILL NOT BE COUNTED ABSENT.  DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENTS SHOULD BE SCHEDULED IN THE P.M.  Students must maintain a 96 percent attendance rate to be promoted.


Tardiness presents problems to both the child and the school. Your child will lose important instructional time during which directions are given. constistent tardiness also allows a child to develope a bad habit, which is detrimental to a successful future. Although it can occasionally happen, repeated tardiness are inexcusable. It is the responsibiltiy of the parents to have the child in school on time. THE SCHOOL BEGINS AT 7:50 A.M. The tardy bell rings at 7:55 a.m.

  • On a student's third tardy, after school detention will be assigned for all Kinder-5th grade students. The parents will receive a notification form stating the date and time of the detention.
  • Students with over 12 tardies are not eligible for the Perfect Attendance Award at the end of the year.

Absence and Tardy Policy                              Tardy Police

3 Unexcused Absences - Warning Letter                   Every 3 Tardies - After School Detention
6 Absences - Court Referral                                      10 Tardies - Court Referral         
                                                                                12 Tardies - No Perfect Attendance

Absence and Tardy Policy

Absence Police                                            Tardy Policy

3 Unexcused Absences - Warning Letter               Every 3 Tardies - After School Detention
6 Absences - Court Referral                                 10 Tardies - Court Referral 
                                                                           12 Tardies - No Perfect Attendance

Student Checkout

When checking out a student for a doctor's appointment, family emergency, etc., please REPORT TO THE OFFICE and notify the school secretary.  The teacher will then be notified of the check-out and the student will be sent to the office.

You will be asked to sign the Student Sign-Out Sheet in the record book in the front office.  this records the date, time, student's name, reason why the student was checked out, and the name of the person who checked-out the student.  No student will be checked out to anyone who is NOT listed on the student's enrollment card; unless the parent has notified the office of their "OK" to release their child to someone other than persons listed on the enrollment card.

Due to "end of the day closures and homework instructions" we ask that students only be checked out if it is an emergency.  No early check-outs after 2:30 p.m. will be allowed.  Documentation is required concerning the reason why the classroom must be disrupted at the end of the day.

Only divorce decrees or CPS rulings on children for visitation, registration, withdrawal and checkout will be followed.

Medical Appointment Checkouts
Please make every effort to schedule doctor/dental appointments for after school hours.  If you must make an appointment during the school day, return your child back to school WITH A DOCTOR'S NOTE, and your child will not be counted absent.  Otherwise, your child must be at school by 10:00 a.m. in order to be counted present.


ALL parents and visitors may enter ONLY through the front doors during the school day and are required to come in to the office to sigh-in and get a Visitor's Badge.  This precaution is necessary due to the multiple, unsupervised entries into the building.  Your child's safety is our number one priority and it is vital that we are aware of who is in the building at all times.  Please assist us in keeping your child safe and do not enter through the breezeway gates or from the rear of the building.

If at any time you need to drop off a lunch or forgotten homework, please bring it to the office and we will be sure to deliver it.  No visitor is permitted to visit a classroom without prior permission form the teacher and the principal.  Every classroom interruption takes away from your child's instruction.

If anyone is on campus without a visitor's badge, they will be asked to sign-in at the office.  Parents are not allowed to stay with their child after dropping them off.  They students need to ge started with their day.  Congestion problems may occur in the cafeteria or hallways if we allow visitors to stay after arrival.  This could cause us to exceed our fire occupancy limit.  Please be assured that your child will be taken care of and receive breakfast each morning.

Classroom Visits
If you would like an extended class visit, you will need the principal's approval, and the teacher needs 24-hour notice.  The visit should not interfere with the delivery of instruction or disrupt the norma school environment; therefore, the principal will determine the duration or frequency.
Code of Conduct/Discipline

All students are expected to follow Harlandale's Code of Student Conduct as well as all school rules.  At Wright we believe that children are responsible for their choices.  If a child is sent to the office, there are several consequences that he/she may receive.  Consequences include, but are not limited to: talking with the student, Parent/administrator conference (by phone or in person,), counseling referral, community service, overnight suspension (parent must check child back into school), loss of privileges (such as field trips), lunch and after school detention, in or out of school suspension, and alternative school placement.  However, students are not given corporal punishment.  Disciplinary actions will be based upon the seriousness as well as frequency of offenses.  Teachers will send home specific classroom/grad level rules and consequences.  All discipline is confidential.  Your child's consequences will not be discussed with other parents. 

Please refer to the district handbook for more details on discipline.

Dress Code
All students will follow the district dress code.   We know that there are often trends in fashion that students will want to wear, but students should abide by the dress code at all times.  Inappropriate clothing includes, but is not limited to: baggy/oversized pants and shirts that extend beyond the length of the fingertips while flush against the legs (boys and girls).  Otherwise, they will be required to be tucked in.  Skirts or shorts above the finger tips, lycra, spandex or biker shorts, spaghetti straps, see-through mesh tops, muscle shirts, undershirts and shirts with inappropriate, offensive language or that hang too far below the underarm are not acceptable dress.   All pants are to be worn at the waist.  If students wear belts, they must be in the loops, no hanging belts or chains.  Caps and hats are not permitted, except on designated days.  Boys are not allowed to wear earrings.  However, dangling or hoop earrings for girls should be worn with caution because of P.E. and recess.  Unconventional hair color is not allowed.  Remember, students have P.E. and should be able to run in their shoes.  Flip flop shoes are not permitted at any time of the year.  If students wear inappropriate clothing to school, parents will be called to bring a change of clothes.

Prohibited Items
Students are not allowed to bring or use on school premises items such as, but not limited to, weapons, drugs or drug paraphernalia, firecrackers, or matches.  Personal items may be brought to school for educational purposes only when approved or requested by a teacher and/or Principal.  Items such as:  toys of any kind, yo-yos, footballs, basketballs, or baseballs, pets, radios or CD players, are, head or wrist bands, trading cards, food (Lucas, Kool-aid, candy gum), magazines, skateboards, or any other item unsuitable for school are not permitted, and may be picked up and held until a parent can pick them up or until the last day of school in May.  We also ask parents not to allow their children to bring large sums of money to school  The school cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen money, toys or any other personal belongings that are prohibited.

Homework will be assigned at the teacher's discretion.  It may e 20 minutes of reading, incomplete daily work or enrichment.  If we want our children to be successful in school, all parents must make sure their children do their homework every night.  Your child does have homework, no matter what he/she says.  Please do not do their homework for them.  After-school detention will be assigned after a child's third missed homework.  Contact their teacher if you have any questions about assignments.

Parent Conferences

Teachers are available before and after school to meet with parents in addition to their conference periods.  Please do not try to have parent conferences at the door of the classroom.  This robs you and your child of confidentiality and takes instructional time away from the other children.  The following list provides you with times when your child's teacher will be available for a conference during the school day  Call 989-3400 to request an appointment at these times:

K       9:00-9:50
1st    9:55-10:45
2nd   1:25-2:15
3rd   12:30-1:20
4th    8:05-8:55

(Any of your child's team teachers may be contacted and relay a message if needed.)

Ms. Lopez                                  1:25-2:15
Music Teacher                           11:20-12:10
P.E. Teacher                              11:20-12:10

Parental Involvement

The most important thing a parent can do is to make sure their child is in school every day and encourage them to do their best at all times.  Your attitude towards the importance of school will make all the difference to your child.  Parents are expected to read or listen to their child read every night for 20 minutes.  Parents are also encouraged to join and attend PTA as well as volunteer at school.  Consequently, we have a wonderful parent volunteer program.  If we are to help our children succeed in life, every adult's help is necessary.  Please get involved in your child's education and school.  Your support will show your child how much you care.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer a Criminal History Check must be submitted every year.  A Criminal History Check Form can be picked up in the office or located on the webpage under Forms.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or make an appointment with your child's teacher or any administrator.  Our number is 989-3400.

Field Trips

Students are permitted to take field trips during the school year for educational purposes.  Field trips are a learning experience and also a privilege for children.  Teachers are not required to plan a field trip.  Reward field trips are not permitted.  All trips must have an instructional focus.  Parents may attend at the teacher's discretion.  All parents attending a field trip must have a current Criminal History Record on file with the district.

Chaperons will be requested by the teacher and are determined on an as needed basis.  Field trips are not open to all parents/guardians to attend.  Please contact your child's teacher if you are interested in being a chaperon.

For liability and safety reasons, chaperons are asked not to bring siblings on the field trip.


All medications to school for children must be kept in the clinic. All medication must be in prescription containers. Prescription medication will be dispensed according to directions from the doctor. School personnel will not give out "over the counter" medication, and parents must complete a medication form before medication will be dispensed.

We have a wonderful school nurse that is always happy to assist you. If you should change your telephone number or address, you are notify the school immediately. It is essential that the school have the correct address and telephone numbers for emergency.


All textbooks are the property of the State of Texas.  The use of State owned books is the right of every child in Texas.  this right also carries with it basic responsibilities.  It is the student's responsibility to take care of the textbooks--keeping them covered at all times, not marking in them, protecting them against weather conditions, and making sure that his/her name is written on the inside cover.  Damaged books issued to the student should be reported to the teacher immediately.  Any damage to the book will result in a fine which will be assessed according to the extent of the damage to the book.  If a textbook is lost, payment will be required before a second textbook is issued. 

Library books are also the responsibility of each student.  If any book issued to your student is damaged or lost, the school will require you to pay for it.


Transportation to another elementary school will not be provided for students who are transfer students. Overloaded students will be provided transportation. Transfer to other elementary schools are granted for special circumstances such as child care concerns and availability of programs. Transfers must be granted by the home school and the receiving school and must be validated by the Director of  Pupil services.

For transportation questions please call the Transportation Office at 989.4807


The most dedicated, hardworking cafeteria staff works in our school for your student.  Each day the cafeteria tries to estimate the number of servings to prepare of the choices available.  On some days, we run out of an item.  However, the students are given a substitute. 

Kinder-5th Grade
Kinder-5th grade parents may bring their student an outside lunch and drop it off at the front office to be delivered.  They may NOT bring a lunch to another student EVEN IF THE OTHER PARENT CONSENTS.

Parents may join their child for lunch beginning the 4th week of school; and, after reading the lunch visitation form distributed in the 1st day packets and/or located in the front office.  All visitors must sign-in at the front office and inform the office of their intent to eat with their student.  All Federal Lunch program guidelines must be followed.  Also, please be respectful of our campus lunch rules and routines.

PK students will eat lunch in their classrooms.  

Deliveries to School
Items such as flowers and balloons are not delivered to children until the end of the day at 2:45 p.m.

Birthdays and Snacks

Kinder - 5th Grade

"Birthday treats" may be distributed during the last 15- 20 minutes of the school day with the teacher's permission. Harlandale would like to suggest that we continue to set a good nutritional example and encourage non-food items (pencils, stickers, etc.) instead of Birthday Cakes and or Cupcakes for treats. If you wish to provide your child's classmates with treat, we ask that you provide the teacher with advance notice. All items must be store bought.  All items must be left at the front office and someone will take them to the classroom. Parents are not allowed to take the items to the classroom

HISD Policies

School board Policies are available to the public on all school campuses, the Central Office during weekday hours; and on-line at all times.


Professional Education Review Committee (PERC)
The PERC is a committee that meets once a month and sometimes more if special meetings are called by the principal.   This committee is made up of the principals who chairs the meetings, parent and community representatives and representatives from both the teaching and non-teaching professional staff who are elected to their positions for a 2 year term.  This committee serves in an advisory capacity in regards to campus issues involving budget, curriculum and special events.  The meetings are open to anyone wishing to attend.  However, PERC members are the only ones who may vote on issues presented for voting.  If you wish to put an item on the agenda, forms are available in the office, and must be turned in 24 hours before the meeting.  The PERC meeting schedule is posted on the Community Bulletin Board in the Main Hall.
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